Welcome to Mini Mindfuls!

We started this journey in 2018. I was a new mom, finding my way through motherhood and looking for ways to connect with my little boy. One day, it all fell into place and Mini Mindfuls was born – a monthly box introducing new themes around cognitive development and emotional regulation. Our boxes were full of fun crafts, games and developmental toys. And we lovingly included themes around mindfulness with our very own Mindful Mates.

Time went by and as the world changed, and we welcomed our little girl, the need for a more creative way to bring mindful play into homes around the world became apparent and we decided to go fully digital and create a 12-Week Home Series all around our charming Mindful Mates…the heart and soul of Mini Mindfuls!

We are so excited to have you along on this beautiful journey with us!

Lauren, Frazer, Callum & Lyla